Sal Battaglia

At 48 my doctor reported that I was of average health for a typical Australian male my age. I’d never considered myself average – this was my wake up call. He also told me that if I didn’t change some of my bad eating habits and start getting a bit more active I’d be on medication for blood pressure and I was likely...

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I started my journey with BOXR with a goal to be half my size. With sound and sensible nutrition advice and focused training I’ve lost over 75kg and am now fitter that I have ever been. The entire team at BOXR are fantastic. They have all been so supportive through my ups and downs, and are like a second family.

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Siobhan Dooley

Juggling a busy work and social life, and travelling extensively throughout the year, I ran aground when it came to my health, exercise and training. It’s often hard to find the time, commitment and will to get and stay fit. We’ve heard it all before - it’s the New Year’s Eve mantra – “I’m going get fit and lose...

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My time with Craig from BOXR was life-changing. Over many years I tried numerous methods to lose weight and to get myself physically fit, but they never produced the kind of results I achieved working alongside Craig. Thanks to his tailored personal fitness program, his constant guidance on good nutrition, and his support...

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