From a very young age I was always involved in some type of sport, from rugby league, netball, too swimming and triathlon through my high school years. When I was 18 I started boxing fitness, I was really enjoying it, my fitness went through the roof. Watching all the fighters spar was what made me want to box competitively. After nearly a full year of flat out training, I had my first fight in 2014.

I cant explain the feeling and energy that flows through your body when that first bell rings. You feel invincible. Since then I have been very successful in amateur boxing. I have won both Queensland State Titles and Australian Golden Gloves. I made it to the finals at Nationals where I walked away with the Silver medal in the 57kg category. From here I was picked to compete in the Women’s World Championship Trials. My goals for boxing are to eventually make it too both Commonwealth Games and Olympics.

I have been coaching both Boxing Fitness and Strength and Conditioning for three years. From my coaching I want to make my clients fall in love with the sport of boxing for the exact same reason as I did. How after each session you feel like a completely different person, your mind is clear and positive, you feel so energised to take on the day ahead of you. Fitness is one of the best ways to  build your self confidence. Fitness is a lifestyle choice, and I would love to be apart of that journey for anyone that is willing to give it a shot.

Just remember,  being strong isn’t something you are or aren’t. It is a mindset, and a practice, and it must be repeated daily. The first step is the hardest, you have to make a commitment to yourself, for yourself, to better your health and well being.