From the age of six, Ian knew, claimed and set his first life goal to be Champion of the World. Studying almost every style of combat over many years, he devoting his life to this quest and stepped out of the ring voted Pound for Pound Australia’s greatest kickboxer of all time and an undisputed World Champion. In Ian’s comeback fight in 2009 he set a new world record for the fastest KO in history 1.8 seconds.

F.I.T.R-4 (Fitness Intelligence Training Results) is Ian’s latest innovation – the future of fitness and the solutions to the many health issues we face. Ian rewrites the script for every type of human on body shaping, weight loss, injury prevention, power, speed, agility, balance, co-ordination and functional strength. He delivers a simple, unique format for people of all ages and fitness levels to get results faster, safer and more efficiently than the fitness industry has ever seen.

Typical training week:
"I join in with my clients every now and again to demonstrate the attitude and application and intensity they should be working at and how good they will become. Activities such as running, plyometrics, natural body weight exercises, weights work, kettle bells, bag work, floor to ceiling timing/speed ball, hand pads, kick pads and sparring are all in a days work."

Motivation to train yourself:
“I understand the multiple rewards and success an empowered, fit and focused body and mind allows me to have in work, life and love.”

Motivation to train others:
“Taking clients beyond their imagination and achieving goals allowing them to live the dreams.”

Ian stepped out of the ring voted
“Pound for Pound” Australia’s greatest ever undisputed World Champion. His ambition now is to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about boxing and personal safety.


  • Kickboxing and Thai Boxing undisputed triple World Champion.
  • World – W.K.A champion.
  • World – Intercontinental W.K.A Champion
  • World I.S.K.A Champion
  • 10 x State, National and International Kickboxing Titles.
  • World’s fastest KO 1.8 seconds.
  • Founder of F.I.T.R-4 – Fitness Intelligence Training Results.
  • Certificate III / IV (Fitness and Personal Training).
  • First Aid and CPR


"The answers are written in life goals and achievements."