After working at BOXR as an external trainer and as the boxing coach for its Fightclub program, I could see what a great concept gym BOXR was, and wanted to be a part of it in an ownership way. Buying the Teneriffe site in February, and opening the Seventeen Mile Rocks site in March, has been a challenge, but like everything in my life I have grasped it with both hands and run with it.

Basically, I love health, fitness and watching people change when they implement it into their lives.

Sport of some kind has always been a big part of my life. Starting predominantly with rugby when I was younger and progressing to water sports, boxing was not where I thought I would end up. From the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and with a private school education, I was not what most considered a typical boxer, so I needed to prove myself by my training and in the ring. I have, both as a boxer and a trainer.

After finishing my study in training and nutrition I formed No Limits (Nutrition, Fitness & Boxing) in 2010 and began reshaping and transforming lives. Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than showing someone what they are truly capable of, motivating them, exciting them and watching them live their lives. Training is a large part in anyone’s journey and nutrition is an even bigger part… but the mental transformation someone needs to go through in order to achieve results beyond their expectations takes real courage and dedication, not only by themselves, but by the person entrusted to show them what’s required. I have a very strong belief that unless there is a reason you need to be completely strict with training and diet, you must live, you must have a balanced life. 

Typical training week:
"2-3 heavy weight sessions blended with circuits and agility work. Multiple bag and pad work sessions with my own trainer, plenty of sparing with clients and 10kms on the road."

Motivation to train yourself:
"My motivation is simple… I love feeling good!"

Motivation to train others:
"Showing people what they're capable of. Results are the best motivation." 

I have a very strong belief that unless there is a reason you need to be completely strict with training and diet, you must live, you must have a balanced life. I’ve been known to put chocolate in my clients diets to prove that point.


  • Professional Boxing Trainer/ Manager
  • Associate Diploma Nutrition (Specialising in Therapeutic Nutrition) Nutrition Australia registered
  • Cert III and IV (Fitness & Personal Training)
  • Registered Boxing Trainer AIBA
  • Registered Boxing Club (BOXR)
  • Certified Punch Fit Boxing
  • Certified Kettle Bell Instructor
  • Certified Speed and Power Instructor
  • Certified Pre and Post Natal Trainer
  • Certified Rehab Trainer (REHAB trainer, MPSA)
  • First Aid and CPR


“We all fight for money, some for power, but most of all for love. Never give up... fight to become a champion of some sort. The world will evolve and progress.”